Easy to Add / Edit / Delete Reminders
No Hardware or Software Needed
Built-in Scheduling Utility
(Can Replace what you use now)
HIPAA Compliant
No Long Term Contract
Clients Can Confirm
by Voice, Email, & Text
Available for Non-Medical Use (Schools, Business, Govt.)
Sends Phone, Text/SMS, and
E-mail Reminders
Group Reminders/Notices
Billing/Collections Reminders
Integration with 3rd Party Practice Mgmt Software
Flexible Messages
(e.g. "free form" Email/Text)

Did you know that, for many businesses, the savings from just one "remembered"
appointment per month is enough to pay for the entire monthly service?

Our Services

Easy-to-use web interface. No equipment to purchase or software to license.

Remind your clients of their scheduled appointments by Phone, Email, and Text/SMS.

Send group reminders or announcements by Phone, Email, and Text/SMS.

Remind your clients of past-due bills by Phone, Email, and Text/SMS.

Allow your clients to confirm their appointments by Phone, Email, and Text/SMS and to transfer directly to your office if they need to talk to a staff member (i.e. "press 9 to call our office").

Increase productivity of your staff by allowing them to focus on more immediate tasks and customer care.

Decrease lost revenue resulting from "no-shows" or late arrivals.

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