ReRemind's pricing is simple, straightforward, and inexpensive. The cost for our service is $149.95 per month, which covers the first 1,000 reminder messages, and then is metered at ¢13.5 per message thereafter. There is a one-time setup fee of $99.95. There are no other costs unless extra services are required. Additional services include: "remote hands" assistance; professional recordings; messaging assistance; custom programming; and direct database integration. For more information and further inquiries, talk to one of our sales agents by calling 1-800-820-9702.

Your Savings with ReRemind
      With ReRemind   Without ReRemind
  Number of reminder calls made monthly       
  Average minutes per call      
  Average hourly wage of office staff    
  Cost Per Month
  Savings Per Month $   NA
  Savings Per Year $   NA
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Other factors not considered by the above cost calculator include:
(1) "Lost opportunity" costs resulting from no revenue from missed appointments.
(2) Further "lost opportunity" costs from having to reschedule missed appointments into a slots that other paying clients might have filled.
(3) Additional employee time needed to accommodate missed appointments.
(4) Reminders not going out because an employee was ill or forgot to make the calls.

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